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Success Stories

Heart Smart MinuteErica, age 39. Lost a total of 85* lbs doing the Heart Smart Minute fitness program, in less than a year.

Erica used the Heart Smart Minute program to increase her muscle strength and endurance. She alternated the modified pushups with a light in place jog, sometimes doing the videos three or four times a day. Each video helped Erica train her body and increase her overall endurance. The Heart Smart Minute workout allowed her to workout in the privacy of her own home with no exercise equipment. The modified exercises kept her challenged while protecting her weaker muscle areas.

Since losing the weight she has energy she never thought possible. Her self-confidence has skyrocketed and she is enjoying success in all aspects of her life.

Her secret to her success is to start small and set five pound goals for yourself, and if you mess up and fall off the wagon, don’t stay off, get right back on the Heart Smart Minute plan the next day and keep going.

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*Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve similar results.