Heart Smart Minute NutritionThink you’ve got a Heart Smart Minute nutrition plan that’s full of variety? Think again, the following foods are some of the most under appreciated, and under eaten, yet they are packed with the ability to lower blood pressure, fight belly fat and improve your overall health.

How many can you get in your diet this week?


CELERY: Not just for stirring your Bloody Mary, this veggie is loaded with water and can help reduce your blood pressure by relaxing muscle tissue in the artery walls and increasing blood flow.  Plus, burns more calories to chew celery, than the food actually contains.

SEAWEED: A staple of sushi lovers, seaweed is full of calcium, which helps maintain blood pressure levels.  You can grind seaweed into a powder and use it as a healthy salt substitute.

HEMP SEEDS: Rich in Omega 3 and helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.  The protein in hemp seeds is a “complete protein” meaning it contains all essential amino acids, making it just as great as meat, eggs, and diary.

TOMATILLO: This tangy look- a -like to a green tomato is from South America.  It helps prevent colon cancer!

DARK MEAT: The extra fat found in dark meat actually raises the hormone CCK, which makes you feel fuller, longer.  Limit your severing to 8oz or less which is about 425 calories, and add a big serving of veggies!

LENTILS: Boiled lentils have 16g of fat fighting fiber in every cup…when was the last time you ate some? This little power food leaves rice and pasta in its dust, use it as a side dish for your next meal.

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9 SUPER FOODS IF YOU’RE OVER 49… – Heart Smart Minute


Heart Smart Minute NutritionSure, younger people can eat these 9 Super Foods, but as you get older, the body requires a little more from your nutrition and these 9 foods, know how to deliver fast acting vitamins and minerals to all the right places.

So if you happen to be lingering around the big 5-0, check out how these nutritious foods can help protect your eyes, lungs, heart and brain.

Heart Smart Minute Nutrition…

APPLES: Packed with fiber, helps lower cholesterol and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.  Full of Vitamin C and Potassium.

ASPARAGUS: May reduce risk of prostate cancer, boosts the immune system, eye health and full of fiber, and Vitamin A.

BLUEBERRIES: HIgh in Fiber and Vitamin C &K

DARK CHOCOLATE (70% or higher): May help lower risk of heart attack and lower blood pressure.

FAVA BEANS: High in plant bases protein, fiber, and Vitamin B

GREEK YOGURT: Some of the highest amounts of protein you can find.  Low in cholesterol, when given the option go for non fat plain and add your own fruit.

KALE: Fantastic for Omega 3 which promotes brain health.  Full of calcium for bone strength and helps promote long lasting eye health.

QUINOA: Vegetarians take note, this is a complete protein food that makes an awesome side dish.  Full of fiber and gluten free.

SALMON: Reduce your risk of heart attack, lower blood pressure and builds brain cell membranes.

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