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If I’m being completely honest: I really wish I was perfect and I wish my follow-through was as strong as my start.

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This is especially true of my health and fitness journey. Wishing something doesn’t make it come into existence though; what matters more than just the thought though is the action.

On a recent car trip that gave me several hours to think and reflect, I truly believe that it was no accident that my playlist set to random mode offered up many songs about letting go.

The most striking lyric that I heard was “I’m tired of giving in so easily.”

It’s time for me to let go of the inner dialogue of self-doubt, the fear of failure and the tendency to want to fold when things get tough.

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If this were easy, I would have done it already. What’s different for me is that even though there are (and have been) challenges and I have my times where I get off track, I’m still at it – going back to what I said in my last blog about perseverance.

So…no more holding pattern, it’s time for action!

Til next month, keep at it!


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