Heart Smart Minute Virtual Training Program

It’s NOT about weight loss…it’s about LIFE GAIN.



Heart Smart Minute is all about making training and nutrition REALISTIC and AFFORDABLE to your LIFESTYLE. At Heart Smart Minute, we want you to live the STRONGEST, HEALTHIEST life possible and we’re making it happen through our Virtual Training Program. The only equipment you need is a wireless connection and the power of your own body weight.

HSM Virtual Training, is combining FITNESS and NUTRITION to maximize your LIFE GAIN. You can undo the most rigorous exercise program in under 5 minutes by eating the wrong foods. I’m often asked–why can’t I lose weight, I’m exercising an hour everyday? The answer is simple–you’re not eating right.  Nutrition is the most complicated aspect of any fitness plan and it can be very confusing. During your HSM Virtual Training sessions you will learn exactly how to read nutrition labels and reduce sugar cravings.  HSM Virtual Training is focused on modifying exercises to fit your needs. Do you have a weak back or bad knees? We can show you exactly what exercises to do to strengthen your body. Haven’t exercised in years and need to get moving again? No problem–HSM is designed to for YOU and ONLY YOU.

**All sessions can be used as a combination of TRAINING and NUTRITION and include….

Personalized Exercises to MAXIMIZE your METABOLISM and BURN FAT

MODIFIED rehabilitation EXERCISES for achy muscles or weak joints (if needed)

STRETCHES to improve weak muscles and flexibility

Custom RECIPES for your dietary needs         

Food Journal Worksheet 

To book skype fitness or nutrition sessions please email alana@alanacole.com