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Heart Smart Minute - Jen

I’ve struggled with weight my entire life, from yo-yo dieting on every major fad diet out there to the low carb, low sugar crazes that did nothing but make me crazy. Like so many of you, I’ve seen my weight go up and down, and with that so did my self-esteem and my desire to exercise.

Heart Smart Minute 13Lbs I decided to start Heart Smart Minute, because I liked the idea of working out at home yet still having accountability to someone. I’m a school teacher, so making sure the program would be affordable on my budget was very important. My first workout made me aware of how badly I really needed this, I was out of breath, and couldn’t do much but Alana made me feel empowered for just showing up and giving my best effort. We started focusing on my nutrition as well as fitness and the weight starting coming off at a steady pace. No crash dieting, no starvation, just my life modified so I can GAIN LIFE.

The difference, for me this time is that I’m really finding the BALANCE with eating well and exercising. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have REAL LIFE experiences, like parties or going out to eat, I still do that, but now I make better choices. The next day I get right back to my HSM Routine. I used to have an “all or nothing” approach to health and it wasn’t realistic for my lifestyle so I would quit. I’ve finally found a nutrition and fitness plan that works for me, I’m seeing results with Heart Smart Minute both physically and mentally. I’m so excited to workout now and feel the strength in my body. Heart Smart Minute has helped me break through my mental blocks in terms of what I can do physically and mentally.

Heart Smart Minute - 16LbsMy goal is to lose 100 pounds, I have a big journey in front of me and I am so excited to share each and every step with all of you, I’d love to hear from you so we can get STRONG & HEALTHY together! One Heart Smart Minute at a time.


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