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Jen February Issue

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Perseverance. This word has been on my mind lately. It’s cliché but very important! Life isn’t all smooth sailing, as we all know, and neither is our health & fitness journey. Motivation comes and goes – mine included.

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Life happens, plain and simple. I was all fired up after my cruise vacation and into January I was on fire! Then I got sick and missed a week’s worth of workouts.

February has been a cold and dreary month here in the Northeast and sometimes I’ve found myself wanting to hibernate. I’ve had a couple of challenging situations lately, just like anyone out there.

Have I gained weight? Nope, because as much as I can, I’ve been consistent in my eating habits.  My average weekly weight loss has been 1 pound a week for the past month.

While it’s not as dramatic as in past months, I feel proud that I’m still closer to my goal than I was before. I just hit the goal of 25 pounds lost!  I’m determined to stay the course, no matter how long it takes.

There’s room for improvement for sure: I’m working on increasing my exercise on the days that I don’t train with Alana. I’m also cleaning up my diet by reducing some sugar (hello Valentine’s Day!!) and refined carbs.

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From a self-professed perfectionist, this represents a much more balanced way of thinking. I’m keeping at it because I’m in it for the long haul.

Someone told me once that every meal is a new decision and I am internalizing it. How do you keep yourself “motivated”? Do you have any inspirational quotes or sayings? I’d love it if you’d share them with me!

Til next month, keep at it!


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