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Well, it’s been one week into 2013 and I have to say that I’m optimistic about this year. I’m off to a great start!

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How was your holiday season? Mine was busy with parties and vacation. Sometimes I made great choice – such as completely avoiding the 3-day-long dessert buffet at work right before Christmas. I knew that this wasn’t going to support my goals.

Other times, I did not make great choices – I went to a cookie swap and came home with a huge tin of cookies and promptly ate 6.

I saw Alana a few hours later for our Skype session, she made me flush the rest of the cookies down my toilet–and of course there were two hundred jumping jacks to look forward to after eating all those cookies.

I also traveled on a Caribbean cruise with my family. Before I left, I made a plan to deal with the food since I knew it would be available 24/7! I committed to working out and forgoing most desserts. I did indulge in dessert a few times.

Sometimes I wished I was eating a more decadent dessert like my family members were, but I ate the fruit. I enjoyed my meals and drank a glass of wine with dinner. I committed to working out and I did: twice before the ship and three times on board.

 My sister was less than impressed when I woke up early to go to the gym but she got over it! I did gain 3 pounds during this holiday but I’m super proud that I did not go hog wild!

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I didn’t set any “New Years Resolutions.” I simply identified my top 3 goals and the 3 “costs” to myself if I did not pursue those goals. I’m back to my normal eating and exercise pattern.

Taking my lunch to work is key for me – I usually just cook more of my dinner and take the leftovers. I am happy to report that I am back to my pre-Christmas weight and I’ve even taken off one more pound, for a total of 18 lb. lost.

There’s still a long way to go to get to my 100 pound loss, but I’ve got my sights set on my next goal, of 10% of starting weight lost, which is 22 lbs. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and how you’re living healthy in 2013!



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