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Heart Smart Minute FitnessInterval training should be your main focus in your Heart Smart Minute fitness routine. Regardless of your fitness level, there is an interval circuit that’s right for you.  The key to the interval fitness training, is that it keeps your heart rate up for the duration.  The problem with just simple resistance training is that your heart rate is not at an elevated number.  The higher you get your heart rate (safely), the more calories you will burn.  You also can get a great workout in half the time.

Heart Smart Minute Fitness Tips: Sample Interval Routine that will have you burning up to 350 calories in just 45 minutes.

PICK UP THE PACE: Don’t walk like a turtle…walk like you have somewhere to be and not all day to get there.  Walk so you feel winded but can still carry on a small conversation.  Walking is an excellent way to do cardio, but it has to be done so your heart rate is elevated.  If you’re walking at a snail’s pace, that’s not cardio.  Try a 4 minute walking interval circuit, you should feel your heart going.

The POWER MINUTE: Power it up for 1 minute.  Depending on your fitness level pick one or all of the following: Jumping Jacks, Sprinting, Walking lunges, Modified Squats, Fast Walk. Pick something in your fitness level but that challenges you and go for one minute without breaking.  During the next circuit pick something else to keep your muscles guessing and improving.

ADD RESISTANCE: As you repeat the above exercises for your 45 minute interval, feel free to mix it up for your fitness level.  Keep your muscles on their toes but adding resistance to the mix.  Resistance bands are fantastic for all fitness levels and can be adjusted depending on the exercise and body part you’re using.  Free weights are another option if you’re more advanced.

No matter what you add to your Heart Smart Minute Fitness plan, just move your body. Remember it’s NOT about WEIGHT LOSS…it’s about LIFE GAIN! Get STRONG and HEALTHY a little more each day.

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